Registration & Licensing - Obtaining Your License

Latest update: 24 October 2022

We received information from the DELWP on the progress of the legislation for trade registration and licensing project for carpentry trade subcontractors and employees.

Please note: Painting and Decorating will be the next trade after carpenters to be licensed so add 1 year onto the below dates.

In 2020, consultation on the project was undertaken by way of an Options Paper. Feedback received informed the Building Amendment (Registration and Other Matters) Act 2021, which established a new, less burdensome registration pathway for sub-contractors. 

Since passage of the Act, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has been preparing a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and draft regulations for public consultation. The RIS will present a range of feasible implementation options that draw on stakeholder feedback, with each option assessed through a cost-benefit analysis, and a preferred option identified.  

The caretaker period for the Victorian state election begins on 1 November 2022. Given the significance of the proposed reforms, the Minister for Planning, the Hon Lizzie Blandthorn MP, has decided that public consultation for the trade registration and licensing project will occur in 2023. This will ensure stakeholders and members of the public are offered sufficient time to review and provide input on the RIS and draft regulations.